Z-Empire: Dead Strike
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  •         Z-Empire: Dead Strike is a zombie apocalypse survival war game with unique FPS element, where you need to battle against zombies to build your army and empire, ...

Z-Empire: Dead Strike

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Z-Empire: Dead Strike is a zombie a [详情]

Z-Empire: Dead Strike is a zombie apocalypse survival war game with unique FPS element, where you need to battle against zombies to build your army and empire, unit with global allies and enjoy the new experience in the strategy war game with players all over the world. Year 2101, world is infected with virus and zombies began to control the world. All survivals are driven by one goal: shoot zombies, struggle for life! Zombies roam the street and apocalypse legion tries to destroy the world. Unit with allies and develop your empire to slaughter the zombie armies. What are the rules of survival, who will live till the last day on earth? Can you be the strongest survival of them all? 【Features】 *Multi-Countries & Multi-Battles Develop your base and fight other powerful contenders. Multi-countries online compete and socialize with survivors from all around the world, and multi-battles breaking out worldwide in real time. Joining an alliance and finding allies is the only way to survive. *Select Heroes & Shoot Zombies This unique hero system lets you collect your heroes and deploy them in battle with strategy. Mix and match heroes to complete an FPS&SLG-style campaign that you will be fascinated by the game! Select and promotion heroes with unique skills and character! Let them lead your base to survival. *Bio?Soldiers & Zombie Armies Train your personal biochemical soldiers and form a unique zombie army, as they play a very important role in realizing your ambition – Conquer and rein the World! Over watch your base and take care of other commander’s scout to destroy enemies. Give your target the last strike. Win or nothing! *Dead Rising & Home Defense The world ravaged by a virus infection, the walking dead rose up. Only a few of humans have gathered enough supplies to survive on this zombie stricken land. The world needs YOU, survivors, to resist, rebuild and defend our home. Strategically place every building and infrastructure, the great duty is on your shoulders. *FPS Elements & Unique PVE Unique PVE system with FPS elements brings you the?thrill?of?slaughtering?zombies! Only your gun and yourself can be trust in this chaos world. Swipe zombies and swipe to victory! Download?and enjoy now! Join the battle and experience?the?art?of?war in Z-Empire: Dead Strike right now! Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ZombieEmpireDeadStrike/ Z-Empire: Dead Strike customer service: letang.cs@gmail.com


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