VR Racer - Highway Traffic 360
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  •         Get behind the wheel during rush hour and race the highway traffic at high speed! The controls are simple an intuitive and will give you the real sensation of ...

VR Racer - Highway Traffic 360

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Get behind the wheel during rush ho [详情]

Get behind the wheel during rush hour and race the highway traffic at high speed! The controls are simple an intuitive and will give you the real sensation of speed as you steer your way through the highway traffic. Racers fasten your seat-belt as Virtual Reality (VR) racing won't get any realer than this with amazing visuals effects bringing the sensation of speed to life. With a sensational first person camera mounted on the hood of the car you'll feel the asphalt wiz below you as the true to life car simulator revs up to top speed. Get a hold of some of the unique features: Fully experienced in VR Intuitive steering controls Support devices without any gyroscope Groundbreaking night and rain levels Realistic city traffic Multiple cars and upgrades Actual real car physics simulation Unique and detailed graphics at high frame rate Sensation of speed through motion blur and advanced graphics and sound effects Controls To steer your car past the busy traffic tilt your head left and right to steer accordingly. In the game menu's look (gaze) at the menu items until the red bar fills to confirm your selection. Finally VR games without controller has become a reality! No gyroscope support Controlling the car is exactly the same as for devices with a gyroscope and to steel you simply tilt your head left/right. The in game menus, specifically the customization can be a bit more tricky to control without a gyroscope and for this purpose this VR game will start in normal touch mode if you lack a gyroscope. This allows you to customize the car more easily prior to racing in VR mode. If you do want to use the customization in VR mode please tilt your head left/right to rotate the camera. Upgrade your ride Earn cash as you wiz through traffic and make a name for yourself in the street racing scene. Upgrade and get new cars and feel how the revs and gear changes as you accelerate to your top speed during the most horrendous city traffic. This all as a full Virtual Reality experience will certainly get your heart-rate to the max as you speed part your rival riders. The upgrades vary from cool police lights to engine and steering (handling) upgrades. Furthermore you can unlock additional car paint colors to get your car looking just the way you like it! Real car racing physics The VR driving experience will allow you to explore the feel of high speed urban racing at its finest. Your job, if you'll accept is simple... A detailed car simulator together with the latest VR technology makes you feel like you are really driving a car at reckless high speed. Do you have the x factor to rule the streets? Every steering motion, every bump in the road will feel real as the physics simulation lift you slightly airborne, and you gently bounce back as your suspension dampens the lift. Even a the minor effects of slipstream are simulated in the VR driving sensation. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch your car in first gear and roar past the highway traffic in VR-style! This is a free to download VR racing game and we hope you enjoy the experience. The app if made for family use both kids and adults, but please take precautions related to guiding your kids during their virtual reality experience. ________________________________ Find more on your VR Discovery and join us on social media: - Like us on Facebook - View our videos on YouTube - Follow us on Twitter

开发者:Rabbit Mountain

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