Sydney Craft:* City Explorer & Builder Game 2018
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  •         Everyone knows Sydney Opera House! But what about other iconic places like Adelaide Oval or Shrine of Remembrance? Time to see further by playing Sydney Craft –...

Sydney Craft:* City Explorer & Builder Game 2018

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Everyone knows Sydney Opera House! [详情]

Everyone knows Sydney Opera House! But what about other iconic places like Adelaide Oval or Shrine of Remembrance? Time to see further by playing Sydney Craft – exceptional crafting & building games for free! Do you confuse capital city? Canberra might be the capital city but Sydney Craft takes place in the whole continent! Visit blocky Australia from Adelaide Oval to Sydney Opera house & Sydney Harbour Bridge via Bondi Beach and Shrine of Remembrance! Travel by Sydney Transport, train, light rail, bus! You can also choose the unique road trains! Explore the blocky city and whole blocky Australia! Meet Koala and kangaroos! Play fun minigames Exploration and building aren’t your things? Try out fun minigames like cricket! Or find the best wrestler in Sydney and challenge him for the fist fight! Maybe song contest? Sing like a rockstar, imagine all the people who want to dance with you! Visit theme waterpark or Sydney Opera House and play blocky city building games like a boss! Meet wild animals! Ever wonder where Koala and kangaroo live? In crafting & building games! Blocky Australia is full of wild animals! Games with such a wildlife animals are always fun! Go on an adventure and make friends with a cute koala or fight with a stubborn kangaroo boxing type! It’s not one of the animals shooting games! Make peace, not war! Pass a love test! Sydney is a spectacular place! Love games need great scenery like Sydney Opera House or Sydney Harbour Bridge! Love story games for girls and boys are a pure fun! Exploration, crafting & building with significant other – sounds like a perfect date! Go out and meet other boys and girls! Craft anything you want like in the best adventure games in blocky Australia! What’s better than chatting and dating? Games like Sydney Craft let you party all night long in a crafting & building world! Better than any Australian dating app! A real blocky city builder! Sydney Craft is an advanced crafting & building experience! Adventure games, dating games and blocky city building games in one! Fight or take care of animals, date boys and girls or find blocky blueprints to make your second life easier! Design a whole new Sydney or destroy it! No time to waste – download for free one of the best crafting games of 2018! FEATURES: *Blocky Sydney Opera House – sing like a rockstar! *Take care of wild animals like Koala, Australian feral camel! *Play fun minigames in the iconic city! *Dating games – party in the Bondi Beach! Let’s play a real crafting game! With Sydney Craft city building games reached a new level! For girls and boys! Enjoy exploration in blocky Australia and dating games in one! Ride a road train to the Sydney Opera House, make friends with a koala, fight with kangaroo and become a real blocky city builder! Play Sydney Craft for free – the most exciting crafting & building game in blocky Australia!


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