PrimalCraft - Survive & Craft
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  •         PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you can build your own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** ? 3D Sandbox Construction; ? Free2play game; ...

PrimalCraft - Survive & Craft

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PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE [详情]

PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you can build your own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** ? 3D Sandbox Construction; ? Free2play game; ? RPG Elements; ? Cube House Building; ? Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game; ? MULTIPLAYER beta mode to CHAT with the real people online; ? 40+ Worlds to Explore; ? Mining Craft & Destroying everything; ? Build Your Own Shelter/House/Town/World; ? Go Deep into the Mines; ? Gather Resources to Survive; ? Fight The Enemies; ? Game Auto-saving. Crafting and building, exploration and surviving game in which you can explore an ancient city, immerse yourself in the cube earth, gather resources, raft blocks, and find food to survive in wild animals’ world. Choose your type of the world: ? Creative Try yourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters. Explore all the beauty of the world. It's the place to implement your imagination where nothing limits your possibilities. ? Survival It's the way for the brave ruthless adventurer. There are a lot of wild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious. You can clone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes. *** CREATIVE MODE FEATURES *** ? Be creative! Set Your Imagination Free; ? Endless gameplay; ? Explore the blueprint worlds! ? Build and create awesome buildings and structures! ? Compare your block worlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVAL MODE FEATURES *** ? A great number of different monsters. ? After Game Awards. ? Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS *** ? Millions of players all around the world; ? More than 100 kinds of weapons; ? More than 35 maps and locations; ? Endless possibilities! ? 3D game graphics! ? Exploration of the sandbox blocky world! ? City builder game! In PrimalCraft multiplayer beta mode you could play with real people online: - Get together in one world to show the most amazing buildings to each other! - Discuss in real chat game features or game quests; - Give advises to people online how to build their shelters/houses/towns! Play PrimalCraft Game on your own map! Create different resources, mine or craft new items and build your own shelter to survive in the nights, stay there and be safe from the block monsters: zombies, pumpkin heads and other aggressive monsters . Save your health and hunt down eatable animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickens etc. to overcome your hunger mod. PrimalCraft Game allows you to customize your character by choosing unique skin Survival Craft World! PrimalCraft is one of the best building simulator! Try it now with all your friends or family members and win by creating the best city! This PrimalCraft Game gives opportunity to design a dream block house in 3D environment, and build a whole cube town! Everything is possible on this Adventure Game! This is all about PrimalCraft where all your city building dreams come true! Please give us 5 stars and leave your reviews, we appreciate your support! Follow PrimalCraft on: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: VK: Please join PrimalCraft Game Communities! FORUM: YOUTUBE: ________________________________________________________________________________________ PrimalCraft is not an official Mojang application. This game is not associated or connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the PrimalCraft game's creator or its licensors.

开发者:Tellurion Mobile

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