Pixelmon Craft cath them all: Go Heroes
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  •         Download this game and it will become your habit! Free fairy tale game for all people of all ages! For adults, teenagers and children! 2K18 is the era of pixelm...

Pixelmon Craft cath them all: Go Heroes

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Download this game and it will beco [详情]

Download this game and it will become your habit! Free fairy tale game for all people of all ages! For adults, teenagers and children! 2K18 is the era of pixelmons that can soon be on your phone if you download this game for free for free! Pixelmons in your phone right now! Catch them all in your backpack! Explore, travel, train! You can do all this in this pixmone game! In this game, 50 pixelmons are waiting for their coach! Kek, lol, azaza and many interesting things! A game for girls and boys who are bored. You have a lot of poke-balls, with which you can catch pixelmons and they will become your friends! Train with them, walk, feed them and then they can become stronger, I can evolve! Help pixelmons evolve! The evolution of pixelmons in your phone. Fight for your lands, win, gain rating and experience! Do the missions for which you will receive a rating, be number one! Find your favorite pet and take care of it! Craft and build will help you protect yourself from enemies who will attack you! Build the fence and the door so that you will not be attacked. Craft food and water to survive in this game. Feed your pixel. Open new blocks for construction. Online chat and multiplayer friends. Interesting tests every day for you and your friends. Different types of pixels (fire, water, metal and lightning). Fight with other trainers and prove that your pixel is the strongest and hardiest. An interesting game for boys - weapons, zombies, cars and clubs. A fairy pixel game for girls with a spa, a beauty salon and a fashion where you can become the most beautiful. Chat with other boys and girls. Find new friends. Download this game right now and you will be able to get 5 poker balls for free for new pixelmon. Catch all pixelmones in this game. Download the game and start your open pixel world with other players in multiplayer. When you start the player expects a small download, during which a new world is being formed. The map is, in principle, vast, so there is plenty of room for study. At first glance, you can see the pokeball in the hands of the character, you can throw it, but only in your own Pokemon to send them to rest. A lot of creatures are wandering around the world, but unfortunately, it is impossible to catch them. That is, the collection of Pokémon is limited to those that are available from the very beginning. But I am glad that among them there is the most popular one - Pikachu. The meaning of the game is as follows - the user roams the area, calls the Pokemon and sends him to attack another, who peacefully grazes on the hill. It is worth noting that the creatures are not aggressive, that is, nobody is attacking the user. There is also a gameplay from Minecraft, that is, you can still destroy the blocks, as well as build your own buildings.


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