Pico Islands
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  •         You have landed on a all island with a group of settlers. As the new king of this land it is now up to you to enlarge your realm and lead your people to glory. ...

Pico Islands

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You have landed on a all island wit [详情]

You have landed on a all island with a group of settlers. As the new king of this land it is now up to you to enlarge your realm and lead your people to glory. Capture the resources of this world and let your all village grow to a respectable city. Trade with your neighbors, capture gold and diamonds with your conquests. Eventually you will cross the sea to conquer many more islands and fortify the domination of your civilization and discover the many secrets beyond the ocean. The real time strategy game Pico Islands is an economy simulation taking place in a medieval world. In the quest for prosperity you can pursue the conquest of the whole world or simply lean back and watch your townen bustle around. The game is self-explanatory and does not require knowledge of the English language. Features: * By effective placement of your buildings and a well organized network of tracks and roads you will optimize the productivity of your settlers. * Use the right tactics and strategies in building your town to use the natural resources of your land the most effective way. * Collect lumber and stone as building materials for your constructions. * Place tracks and roads for optimized transportation of your goods. * Produce grain in your farms, only with a working agriculture your bakers can provide bread for your citizens, while your fishermen supply your sailors with sufficient food. * Let your alchemists brew magical potions that will lead your way to the discovery of new technologies. * Provide your miners with sufficient food, the mines will produce stone, coal, iron, copper and of course gold which serve as crafting materials for your manufactories. * Build harbors to cross the seas with your ships and become a formidable conqueror * Forge tools, jewelry and swords that your sailors and knights will use to explore new islands, to trade or to pillage. Enter the fantasy world of Pico Islands now and become a fearless adventurer, an acclaimed leader, a formidable conqueror and the hero of your own empire in this RTS game! Do you like retro, tycoon, idle clicker or simulation games? Then you should take a look at Pico Islands! You can download and play Pico Islands free of charge, but you have the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience with In-App-Purchases for real money. Featuring music by Matthew Pablo https://matthewpablo.com


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