Offline game 2048
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  •         How to play 1. Know how to play. You might know how to play this 2048 offline game. But just in case there may be someone who does not know, here are the basic...

Offline game 2048

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How to play 1. Know how to play. Y [详情]

How to play 1. Know how to play. You might know how to play this 2048 offline game. But just in case there may be someone who does not know, here are the basics. -Swipe your screen up, down, left, or right to move all numeric boxes in the desired direction. Each box moves in the desired direction until it is stuck on the other side (not just moving one plot). -Every time you make one move, one new box 2 or 4 will appear in a random location. 2. Try creating a box with the number 2048. When a movement makes two boxes that have the same number meet, the two boxes will blend into a new box of the two numbers. For example, two boxes 2 will merge into boxes 4. The purpose of this game is to create a box that has a number 2048. 3. Think about your movements carefully and forwards. When playing the game, you can easily fall asleep to move as fast as possible. If you want to win, fight the impulsive effect and make a move when you are sure that it is the right move. Look at the future possibilities that will occur and imagine what the board will look like after you make the next move, or at least what will happen to some important boxes on the offline 2048 game board. 4. Focus on the corner of the offline game 2048. The most common strategy used by many players is to create and develop the biggest number in the corner. Any corner is not a problem, obviously once you choose a corner, stick to the corner. This tactic is the most effective, especially the line where your corner is fully loaded, because that will allow you to move in one direction without changing the important box. Because if you use this tactic, you can usually only use two-way movements freely (up / down and right / left). 5. Take advantage of 2048 offline gaming opportunities to join two boxes. If you see more than two boxes that can be combined in one motion, usually combining them all at once is a good move because it will give you more room to move for the next. 6. Swipe offline games 2048 in two directions alternately. One of the fundamental approaches in this game is to move the board in two directions (right / left and up / down) continuously until there is no moving box. If there are no boxes that can be moved, do one move in the opposite direction from the one you specified, then go back to doing the two initial movements continuously offline game 2048. This will not guarantee you win (in fact, you will usually not win only by this). But, this will give you a high score, and is a fast way to beat your previous record. When you have determined the two directions of your movement, for example right and top, do not move in another direction unless the board cannot be moved anymore.


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