Ocean Raider Captain's Wrath
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Ocean Raider Captain's Wrath

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Welcome to the world of captains! I [详情]

Welcome to the world of captains! In this world, you may be Captain Darkbaron, Captain Eliza, Captain Hook, or over 50 other famous captains. Travel around this 3D graphic map with realistic sea battle scene. It's your glory to create your own legendary squad and combat with players from all over the world! The war between captains is about to begin! Join us, the great winner is you! [EXPERIENCE THE CLASSIC STORY & SCENE] - Explore this mysterious 3D graphic ocean world, find new adventures and collect new heroes. - Experience classic pirate stories, discover and activate various bonds between crews. - Combat with gorgeous combo skills, challenge multiple dungeons and search for secret treasure. [FORM YOUR OWN TEAM,UPGRADE AND CULTIVATE] - Pirate,Legend,Curse and Navy! Four different factions,over 50 captains for you to select. - Build,Exalt,Skill and Potential! Four hero cultivation system boost your squad combat power. [MASTER THE TACTICS, PERFECT YOUR STRATEGY] - Build your squad with Tanks, DPS and Support Heroes. - Adjust your faction group, defeat game boss and raid treasure with strategy. [LEGENDARY BATTLES] - Participate in the sea battle! Build your own warship in the shipyard and prepare for the battle! - Be the lord of this land! Challenge worldwide players in the corss-server arena! - Win the cross-server guild war! Make your guild the top of the ranking list in the Devil's Delta! [FOLLOW US] Email Address:support_orcw@digginggames18.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/OceanRaider/ Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9sH-5XAmO-N4nsHHDc4A0w/ If you encounter any problems or require support, please contact Customer Service Executive Alisa by messages on Facebook.


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