Ninja Hero Warrior Super Assassin City Rescue
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  •         Evil villains has always been in pursue of hostile situation when they are in peril by assassin shadow of sword fighting games. It is their wont to ruin the ser...

Ninja Hero Warrior Super Assassin City Rescue

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Evil villains has always been in pu [详情]

Evil villains has always been in pursue of hostile situation when they are in peril by assassin shadow of sword fighting games. It is their wont to ruin the serenity of city of samurai fighting games and spread terror in citizens of assassin shadow. It’s time to take revenge from strange dark castle enemies who have kept you in prison for so long and made survival of shadow ninja warrior fighter extreme difficult. Evil castle enemies are afraid of ninja warrior assassin who has great martial art survival and fighting skills and can be a threat to the throne. Luckily you managed to break down prison cell to take revenge but you need to fight and escape this castle temple walls and hunt down powerful enemies on your way out of the Castle Stand up for the arena fighting and karate fighting game for the sake of ninja fighting. Restore peace and glory in the air of the city and vanish the evil from the city for good and leave no bad people in the city who cause problems in the city of street fighting games. It was time when there was peace in the city where very few people knew the art of boxing fight and other super skills when some people got demented and their hearts turned pale in greed of more fighting techniques and they joined dark forces to enhance their skills in the shadow fighting games. They wanted to consume all the powers of peace loving people of assassin games and started slitting throats of people in their blind greed of ninja fighting skills. Many great warrior stood in their way and protected the city with their ragdoll effect and realistic physics of cool effects. They used their punch and kick skills against these forces of sword games to stop them from distributive terror among samurai sword hero. At times some of the good heroes also turned evil and joined their force which weakened the warriors and eventually lead to a massive superhero ninja deaths. These deaths toll was in hundreds and citizens got frightened of these evil villains. Last survival mission starts now with the ultimate decision of Heavy weight assassin mission of sword hero games. Run your sword blade through enemy in the dark shadow of the night and make them taste the death from very near to destroy their unity and spread terror in them. Same news has reached other cities of sword games and they also backing you to become hero of kung fu fighting games and gain the glory of the city of rescue games. Play your taekwondo, karate, capoeira, kung fu and martial art skills on opponents and defeat them with large margins. Do not hesitate to sly the big names of terror and swing your sword right through their bodies with an arm swing of sword hero. Fight like ninja and do not forget the blood of your nation who was also like you and enemy betrayed them for their powers and killed them like others of ninja fighting games. Blood of innocents of ninja fighter games calls you to have revenge of their blood in same way they scarified in samurai games of you.


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