My Kitchen - Chef Stories
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  •         Frolickids studio is here on a track to create an advanced cooking experience with tasty recipes bringing delicious food cooking at your home kitchen. My Kitche...

My Kitchen - Chef Stories

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Frolickids studio is here on a trac [详情]

Frolickids studio is here on a track to create an advanced cooking experience with tasty recipes bringing delicious food cooking at your home kitchen. My Kitchen - Chef Stories is a fun food making game that features step-by-step instructions on making dishes of various types. Here the chef is working on frozen treats, fast food, baked food, hot burgers, pizza, salads, refreshments, Bar BQ and other summer flavors. My kitchen includes the best menu for the restaurant customers where they can order desserts, snacks, breakfast, pasta and many more. Anyone who wants to learn cooking must join this chef stories in simple, easy and quick kitchen cooking methods with beef, vegetables, pasta, seafood and other yummy ingredients. Little chefs and new cooking game players It looks great, is fun to make yummy fast foods with healthy ingredients and really delicious. Also on the other menu, you can visit the best restaurant to eat healthy food. Nothing feels more special than eating a fancy dinner together with the awesome environment around. You can feel the excitement of hot coffee at the coffee shop, cakes & pastries at the bakery, hot burgers & fires at the burger shop and pizzeria in one place. At the kitchen, chef stories are made with the best restaurant and café management skills. The gameplay is embedded with a spice of snacks and packed baked items at the table of decorated cafes. My kitchen chef stories guide you to develop your skills and run your own coffee shops, bakery, and restaurant. Get the orders from the customer and go into the kitchen. Start cooking food for them and decorate the table. Cooking, serving and hotel management are your first roles while working as a restaurant manager. Design your cake shop, coffee shop, fast food court, a pizza house with tons of treats, decorative items, and amazing decorations. Work like a perfect café manager to get the comfort of a real food master. Open the best café on the street. Get the excellent chance to prove yourself the best food chef and restaurant manager of the world. Enjoy the uniqueness of free cooking with exciting fun baking tales. Spread the food fun and create your own chef stories in a wonderful cafe land. Take the orders at the counter and let the customer wait for the food at beautifully decorated tables. Make your customers happy with the most delicious food and drinks. Develop your own business strategy to maximize your profit from the food world. Enjoy this free cooking game, open food court and serve the customers delicious drinks, fast food, and baked goods.


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