Mo Candy 2018: From the Makers of Tutti Frutti
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  •         Never buy lives again! Tired of waiting for free lives? Say hello to the best match 3 game ever with endless lives! For the sweet love of candy, EvolutionRed p...

Mo Candy 2018: From the Makers of Tutti Frutti

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Never buy lives again! Tired of wai [详情]

Never buy lives again! Tired of waiting for free lives? Say hello to the best match 3 game ever with endless lives! For the sweet love of candy, EvolutionRed presents Mo’ Candy, a charming match three game for all the candy lovers in the world. Be dazzled by incredible chain reactions every time you make a match. Make big matches for a cascade of delightful candy explosions. Simple enough for children or beginners but gradually increases in complexity to challenge even the most experienced gamer. Explore the worlds of wonder! Mo Candy is jam packed with new adventures around every corner. Help Mo and the Chickadees escape the evil King and Queen. The Queen is out to destroy everything more beautiful than her, and the colorful, cute Chickadees will be the first to go. Don't let the Chickadees become hats for the Queen's collection! Be a hero and help Mo save the Chickadees. Travel the wondrous Royal gardenscapes of the King's courtyard searching for the captured Chickadees. This page turning saga will have you wondering at every level what new disaster will befall Mo and the Chickadees. Follow Mo's diary entries to keep up with all the drama. Once you free the Chickadees, these magical little creatures will use their special powers to help you blast through levels at lightning speed. Can you rescue the Chickadees from the Queen and her Royal Court? Join the saga, YOU can be their hero! So drop what you're doing and join the Mo Candy adventure! With endless levels of candy coated worlds, quench your thirst with some juicy gummy candy that will liven your taste buds like an ice cold soda on a hot summer day. Find a new love and get a crush on Mo Candy. Overwhelm your senses with a spectacular journey through the Queen's colorful gardens. Endless bonuses and power-ups with tons of levels for endless entertainment. Experience an award winning, top seller and top rated match three app that's addictive like nothing else you have ever played. Travel through amazing worlds of color, magic, and fireworks displays. This match three adventure is easy to play, but hard to stop! It's truly a diamond in rough, it's the cat's meow, it's literally out of this world! Intriguing puzzles and hundreds of unique levels provide mesmerizing and addictive fun for hours of relaxing play. Explore vibrant, enchanting maps that keep you wondering what's around each corner. Take advantage of a HUGE variety of boosters, blasters, and power-ups to create amazing chain reaction effects that level you up at lightning speed. It's simple, anyone can play! It's fun, everyone will have a blast! How could we possibly jam this much fun and into one FREE match three game? It's easy, we don't toy around with gaming. This is serious business for us. We construct every level with love and care. The result is nothing but jam packed adventure in every move. This game is a hand crafted gem, so what are you waiting for? Drop what you're doing and download this game today! You'll have a blast, literally! New levels added often, so toon into the updates to stay current! This game is kid safe! Mo Gummy contains no gambling, slot machines, or casino type games. Mo Gummy, Mo Candy, and Tutti Frutti are Registered Trademarks of EvolutionRed. All Rights Reserved. Other titles from EvolutionRed include Get Teddy, Mucho Mango, Tutti Frutti, Mo Candy, Mo Candy Creeps, Mo Candy Christmas, Mo Candy Blossom, Mo Candy Worldwide, & Misfit Souls. ? Match 3 candies to pop them out of the puzzle board, and drop a blast of color with every match of three! ? Match 4 candy game tiles to make a magic blast! ? Match 5 candy game tiles to make a magic rainbow cookie blast! ? Crush the honeycomb! ? Pop out the choco blasters to drop blasters all over the board. There's even a rainbow cookie blast! ? Win free lives and free coins! ? Discover an array of gold, diamond, and jewel encrusted gardens and pick fruit at the Royal Farm! ? Mo diaries all his dramatic adventures!


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