Kukoo Monkeys Planet
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  •         Welcome to the Kukoo Monkeys Island! Come and discover endless worlds within the tree! Each magic door leads to a unique adventure and experience: games, music,...

Kukoo Monkeys Planet

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Welcome to the Kukoo Monkeys Island [详情]

Welcome to the Kukoo Monkeys Island! Come and discover endless worlds within the tree! Each magic door leads to a unique adventure and experience: games, music, dance, special missions and collectable items! Choose your visual in the game and make new friends. Use your imagination and have fun! You can be a part of the great Kukoo Monkey’s family and have fun with other online players. You can listen to Grammape’s stories (the grandmother of all Kukoo Monkeys), dive and meet all the sea inhabitants, go to a concert, travel in time to see dinosaurs, see flying cars, play in the snow, fly with a jetpack and become a superhero or a pirate, anything you imagine is possible! Enjoy it all and many other amazing possibilities at the Kukoo Monkey’s island! We’re waiting for you! What can a Kukoo Monkey do? You can visit fantastic worlds like Mecha, where the future is come, Ice World, the place where the winter never ends, Dino World, full of dinosaurs and some primitive Kukoo Monkeys, and even the house of some iconic characters! You can also play dozens of different minigames and customize your avatar. And even more: you can have fun with your friends in music concerts and dance contests! Come and join us to discover more about this universe and the Tree’s crazy day-by-day, interacting with other characters, real players and accomplishing missions to win rare collectable items. What else you should know about the island and the Kukoo Monkey’s Tree: A GREAT FAMILY Wellcome to Kukoo Monkey’s family! The island, the Tree and the all worlds are full of Kukoo Monkeys! Make some friends, join the crew and have fun! YOUR FASHION AND STYLE Have we already talked about the fashion rules in the island? Yeah, there are no rules! You can dress whatever you want by matching countless items such as clothes, costumes and special accessories. MISSIONS Some Kukoo Monkeys will ask for your help to solve important missions. If you accept the mission, in addition to interacting more with the universe, you can win a special item that you’ll never find anywhere else in the game. Some tips you should know before you download Kukoo Monkeys Planet: - It’s necessary to create an account to play the game. - The app is free to play, with optional in-app purchases, but children must ask for parent’s permission in order to accept the terms of use. SECURITY Kukoo Monkeys is committed with online safety. That includes safe login and filtered chats, and also the protection of the player's identity using a set of pre-defined nicknames.


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