Krishna Bubble Shooter
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  •         Nand Lala Gopala! Happy Janamastami 2018, Krian studio has brought the brand new game for all the world wide playstore player. It’s really simple, all you need...

Krishna Bubble Shooter

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Nand Lala Gopala! Happy Janamastami [详情]

Nand Lala Gopala! Happy Janamastami 2018, Krian studio has brought the brand new game for all the world wide playstore player. It’s really simple, all you need to do is download and launch the Krishna Bubble Shooter game. Play this game once with and thank us later. Powerful boosters and recognition points after each level will rise you to legendary character Saving Status. Try it out today and get limited-time bonuses for taking action just like the help your friend(Gopala) you need! Save all Gopals from chaos of matukies. Download and Play Krishna Bubble Shooter game. You can even share your progress with amazing friends and family and have them join in for some support to complete each stage! Make special Krishna groups for strategies to win today and start saving those Gopal on each stage. The addictive movements, the best puzzles, exciting stories, colorful balls, energized power-ups, special challenges, gamer trophies, worldwide leadership boards, you name it! Start leveling up right now with Krishna Bubble Blast game. Happy Janmastami 2018. GOKULA : a city where Krishna leave in his childhood. GOPAL : Cow boy, Krishna's friends. GOPI : lady of Gokula MATUKI : Small pot, used to keep butter in that. MAKKHAN : pure butter. KALINAAG : Serpentine snake of yamuna river. JANMASTAMI : The birthday festival of Loard Krishna. Little Krisha used to eat butter in Matuki. Also some time he stolen the butter from Gopi's home with team of his friends. but once the Kalinag had trapped all the Gopals in matuki chaos. lets make them release. Make instant identical color combinations of 3 or more power balls to pop and blast away the evil forces and to save the Bal-Gopal. The Kalinag the king in the yamuna rever, Has Kidnapped the all little child of shepherd. These little Gopalas need your help! Be the Krisha to save the all Gopalas and save them from Kalinaag. Call little Kanhaji to save the li'l Gopals. Brake the matkis by throwing it out when match 3 matkis let them blast. There are various Gopal friends of Kanhaa! who are stucked inside the mesh of matki, Lets break it and make them release. Game is specially designed by Krishna's and Gopals friendship of Krishna janmastmi. Lets play the spiritual game of Krishna Character. If we will continuously prey the Krishna. Krishana will come once and breka the all sadness called matkis. We all loves Krishana a lot, right? we likes do all epics how l'll Krishna did. Play this amazing game and Get ready for this complicated adventure or you won’t see it coming. Unlock the coolest levels, win the hidden coins with amazing boosts and trophies when you fight against the forces of evil and win. Get ready to do some math, addictive math. Break the matuki and get super excited with the brain twisters on each level packed with amazing challenges. Main features of Krishna Bubble Blast game : --> Super addictive feeling just because you feel great and rich after each level by rescue babies. --> Endless fun and endless game time when you get Krishna Bubble Shooter game now. --> Fun activity to learn and share with all your friends and family. Keeps you brain sharp and super active. Get it now and find out how. --> Easy to learn. --> No internet or wifi must. --> Play and unlock thousands of hidden hints on each amazing level which move you one step closer to complete each challenge. --> Get social rewards from the Krishna Bubble Shooter group. Share on Social Media, connect with other friends on Facebook and don’t stop the fun! --> Download Krishna Bubble Blast game and play unlimited matuki breaking fun! Be the L'll Load Krishna and Rescue the BalGopals and Download Krishna Bubble Shooter Free game Now!


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