Jungle Safari Survival : Jungle driving game
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  •         Jungle Safari Survival: Driving in Jungle game is an amazing action adventure safari game. You will be the jungle survival hero in this jungle escape game. The...

Jungle Safari Survival : Jungle driving game

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Jungle Safari Survival: Driving in [详情]

Jungle Safari Survival: Driving in Jungle game is an amazing action adventure safari game. You will be the jungle survival hero in this jungle escape game. The fierce creatures of safari jungle are hungry animals and you have to survive jungle wilderness by driving your jeep as fast as you can. Suppose you are in need of speed race and your life is on risk. This safari jungle is as dense as Amazon jungle and wild animals are everywhere. In this challenging survival game, jungle camera will follow your jeep as you drive and try to escape from ferocious wild animals. The forest is full of wild animals like jungle lion, deadly tiger, wild gorillas, crazy apes, hounds and wolves. You might also encounter bears, rhinos and elephants. The challenge in this safari game is to escape the jungle after surviving all these wild animals. Lions and lionesses are the royal animals of this jungle adventure. They are the most erous creatures of the safari jungle and to escape them is a real survival challenge. Safari hunter’s only mean to escape the jungle is its safari jeep. This animal escape is deadly and like no other safari games you have played before. You were in the jungle for animal hunting, and you have hunting skills but you didn’t know that you might get lost in this dense forest and your ammunition is also short. You have only got your safari jeep and some food in your hunting gear. You might have hunting experience of gorilla hunting or safari animal hunting but this survival challenge is different. You cannot use your sniper shooting skills now because the only sniper rifle you have has no ammo left. You are in a race for your life. Your driving skills will count in this safari adventure. If you are not afraid of speed you may complete the challenge. It is not like the roads in usual racing games, you are driving your jeep in a jungle environment on unlevelled roads. If any wild animal attacks you on your way to camp you will lose your health. The more animals attack you the more health you lose. Eat mushrooms from the jungle; they are the only available food for you in this jungle. Your only chance to survival is your safari jeep, drive it like a escape hero and reach your camp before the erous animals fill their hunger from you. How to play Jungle Safari Survival: Driving in Jungle game: - Download Jungle Safari Survival: Driving in Jungle game for free from Google play store. - It is a multilevel game and you can choose from unlocked levels to play. - To unlock levels you need to complete earlier levels. - Your mission is to reach your camp before you health is reduced to zero. - Choose a 4x4 safari jeep from unlocked jeeps. - In more difficult challenges you may unlock a more modern and speedy jeep. - You can score high in the survival mode by reaching your camp in good health. - You will get a 4x4 Safari Jeep with full power. - Use your ammo wisely in this action packed safari game. - The later levels will challenge your survival with more deadly tiger and other erous animals. Features of Jungle Safari Survival: Driving in Jungle game: - Top Free safari adventure for jungle escape - No Wi-Fi needed for this jungle game - Thrilling action adventure game - Race for survival - Jeep adventure game - Real time racing feel - 3d jungle simulator with 3d graphics in HD quality - Awesome sound effects for animal simulation and jeep race effect. - Beautiful safari jungle scenery - Realistic jungle simulation combined with racing adventure So guys are you ready to spend a jungle night in wild Amazon jungle?? This safari survival adventure will bring you with the thrill of facing rare animals of jungle. Enjoy the jeep ride in this challenging survival game.


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