Indian Wedding And Indian Royal Bride Makeovergame
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  •         The marriage is the most beautiful and important event of an individual's life. In India a crazy wedding day is full of rituals, fun, party, love and affection,...

Indian Wedding And Indian Royal Bride Makeovergame

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The marriage is the most beautiful [详情]

The marriage is the most beautiful and important event of an individual's life. In India a crazy wedding day is full of rituals, fun, party, love and affection, these rituals become lifetime memories for both the groom and bride. Indian wedding games bring all the important rituals and traditions of India girl wedding. On the big wedding day, a girl has to look most beautiful in her life, after all she is the centre of attraction for the whole marriage function. Every dad's little princess want to look gorgeous on her perfect wedding day. In an Indian wedding, all friends, family and relatives of groom and bride get together to celebrate multiple rituals at the wedding. The secret to a successful and easy-flowing perfect wedding day is filled with love and affections among everyone, everything to flows nicely throughout the day. At the wedding, the bridal has to look just perfectly amazing. And the process goes on and on. for the girl arrange marriage day begins with a Pedicure, Manicure, Mehndi, Spa, Dress up, Makeup, With this Indian wedding game let us see how the bridal get ready for the craziest day of her life. 1. Pedicure: First thing first, we start with a pedicure, the bridal chooses the best saloon. The leg nails should look equally important as all other things. The bridesmaid starts pedicure treatment by utilising various tools to give her amazing legs look. 2. Manicure: After a pedicure, next put a beautiful manicure in the hands. The bridesmaid gives beauty treatment for fingernails. Clean nails, file and trims nails for your stylish a nail shape and then royal bride selects nail polish colour matching with her dress and makeup. 3. Mehndi: This is one of the oldest art tradition for India girl wedding. You apply the beautiful Mehendi on the bridals hands in the Indian wedding game. You can draw your own design or use the ready-made Mehndi design for the perfect wedding day. For every Indian wedding its tradition to apply Mehndi for both Groom and bride. 4. Spa: On the big wedding day, the dad's little princess would look gorgeous and most beautiful women in the world. The bridals books an appointment at a spa to clean face skins. In this Indian wedding game, we give you a real experience of a spa, provide some amazing tools to experiment a facial treatment at Indian wedding spa and salon and your bridal look most stunning girl. 5. Makeup: In a girl arrange marriage, bridal uses 16 items to do get ready for the big day, it's called as Solah Shringar. Our Indian wedding game gives you all the items like bindi, face gems, earrings, eyelashes, eyebrow pencil, brow liner, eyeliner, eyeShadow, different hairstyle, lipstick, necklace, and etc. 6. Dressup: The bridal dress up with beautiful saree for her wedding. In India girl wedding, the bridal prefers wearing a red colour dress, she looks gorgeous in Sahagun colour. With this Indian wedding game, you get to decide your dress, hair makeup, earrings, necklaces for your dream bridal look. The fun in this Indian wedding game is never-ending, neither limited to just elders, even small kids are going it love it. Enjoy the game, have the fun of Indian wedding culture.


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