Indian Army Counter Terrorist Attack Mission
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  •         You are hired as an Indian Army Counter Terrorist Attack specialist. Go into the unknown war battleground and save the innocent citizen. In Indian Army Anti-Te...

Indian Army Counter Terrorist Attack Mission

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You are hired as an Indian Army Cou [详情]

You are hired as an Indian Army Counter Terrorist Attack specialist. Go into the unknown war battleground and save the innocent citizen. In Indian Army Anti-Terrorist Attack, your duty is to clean up the city from these country peace destroyers and criminals. You must use all of your experience and specialized skills to survive the onslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers. You have to make your army proud of you and believe in you. Faced with this critical situation if you have no other choice but to clutch or irritate or annoy. With the advanced weapon, you have to clean up the unwanted criminals and secure your country from evil criminals. Fight as Counter Terrorist Attack Special Squad hero and save the world from destruction of enemy forces. Frontline Elite Sniper FPS: Indian Army Commando is an action game in which you experience the most amazing thrill of fighting the counter enemy and terrorists in the battlefield environment. In which you will Experience the beating of the enemies in the war field as a world best Indian army sniper commando caption, it is your duty to clean up your country from the evil criminals those have undertaken your country as you get world-class modern guns to remove them from your country. As a best military sniper commando, you have got training from world best-armed force school, where you have to learn about how to fight in critical condition and learned about uses of modern and automatic advance weapons. Now you have selected for the mission where you have to fight alone to eliminate the enemies. Let’s do your best and become a champion in the eye of your country people to rescue them from criminals and bad people. Enemy to cause destruction and supporting terrorist in your country to disturb the peace and development of your people. Win the most competitive combat against most skilled criminals. It's duty of a critical counter strike to clean up the enemy and save the citizen from their crudity and make them the game as a death-match for them as best counter-terrorist striker. Get hold on your guns to play in the assault Critical Commando FPS Action: Unknown War 2018. You are the solo army sniper commando to strike & eliminate the enemy squad standing in front of the peace and happiness of your country. Retain your strength by defeating them to the battle until the last moments. Just move your pointer & eliminate the enemies. Play & enjoy the real-time 3D sniper battle arena to get your names known in war legends. Indian Army Sniper FPS War Features: ? Optimal gameplay for FPS game players ? Amazing 3D graphics for fighting war ground ? pistols choices to select BRETTA, MAGNUM, GLOCK, RUGER ? Rifles choices to select THOMPSON, AK47, and M16 ? the Modern Sniper Gun with War feature ? Shotgun choices to select SHOTGUN. ? Numerous missions and assignments to complete ? Easy and smooth controls ? Astonishing sound effects and background music. If you feel there a direct copyright or trademark violation that does not follow within the reasonable use standards, please contact us straight to go over.


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