Idle Mafia Tycoon
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  •         With Idle Mafia Tycoon, Inc. you will plunge into the most exciting adventure, where all you have to do is click! You can control the entire region and become t...

Idle Mafia Tycoon

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With Idle Mafia Tycoon, Inc. you wi [详情]

With Idle Mafia Tycoon, Inc. you will plunge into the most exciting adventure, where all you have to do is click! You can control the entire region and become the most renowned mafia tycoon of each epoch (literally speaking!). Once your capitals start to grow, no one would tell how far you may go! This clicker game is made for you, boss! Click and tap for a while. Then let your friends and assistants take your business game to a new level: they will collect wealth for you! Become a mafia tycoon obsessed with money, whose wealth grows with time and does not cease to astonish you. What are you waiting for, boss? Enter the game and start clicking and developing your successful business. I am sure your empire will thrive. After all, you are a real mobster! Features of the Idle Mafia Tycoon, Inc. A BUSINESS CLICKER and a sort of a SIMULATOR THAT MAKES YOU RICH ? Live the life of a real tycoon and press buttons: this is your most important tool! ? Tap anywhere, anytime, and then take a break. After all, this clicker helps you gain income from your business, even when you are not around! ? The game offers both the active and passive income. ? Your income, as well as your partners' income will help you expand your territories. ? Earn money and multiply your income to spend it only on what YOU want. ? A fun game ALL THE CHARMS OF A TYCOON'S LIFE ? Lead a relaxed but fruitful life of a tycoon, and your famous partners will take care of you and your business! ? All you need to do in order to expand your possessions and maintain your cash flow is to click and tap! ? Earn money to strengthen your business reputation. The more money, the more terrifying and respectful you are! ? Be loyal: every day you will receive free awards such as the gems, bonuses and boosters that will keep you busy! You will become even richer! THE RICHEST MAN OF ALL EPOCHS! ? Hire a mad scientist who will create unique bonuses for you, and become the richest magnate of all eras instilling fear in everyone around! ? Use the fast movement function to jump across different territories on the global map in order to establish your kingdom of wealth anywhere, anytime! ? Become the most renowned gangster tycoon of all time. Make everyone talk about nothing else but your luck and success, for you will have your own empire! SHOW OFF YOUR WEALTH ? Get to the top magnates list! Join the business barons in the leader boards of the Idle Mafia Tycoon game. ? Use the social networks to show off the cash that was so hard to earn: other tycoons must know about it! Embark on a risky business journey and start the life you have always dreamed of. One click separates you from the great glory and money so abundant that you may swim in it! IMPORTANT. Idle Mafia Tycoon does NOT require a network connection. Play without the Internet anywhere, anytime! Enjoy! P.S. Any questions? Or suggestions? We are ready to help you, boss! Contact us at


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