Ice Princess Dream Doll House: Interior Design
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  •         Let's create some great room designs in queen like castle with best interior home designer! Make, design & decorate the princess dollhouse with dream home inter...

Ice Princess Dream Doll House: Interior Design

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Let's create some great room design [详情]

Let's create some great room designs in queen like castle with best interior home designer! Make, design & decorate the princess dollhouse with dream home interior design and best furniture. Little Girls get ready to build the house of your dream for your doll and explore your inner interior designer. Little boys and girls likes to spend time with their toys and dolls, ice princess dream doll house game will allow them to build the castle dollhouse and then design it with their creative home interior designer skills. Now play this home design game and enjoy real simulator of house craft, builder and decor with bundles of furniture items. All girls likes to have a dream home for their toys and here in this house designing games we are allowing them to craft, create and design the pretty and adorable structure for their favorite cute doll. In this doll house games you can design multiple rooms like bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Create and craft each room in unique and creative way to generate the dreamy princess castle look. First decor the princess royal bedroom with fluffy pillows, bed, side table, closet and multi wardrobe. You can also customize the floor carpet, floor color, roof design and wall paint color. Secondly settle the frozen living room like the royal house maid. Place, arrange and manage stuff like designer sofas, table, cabinets, chairs, TV, book shelves and lights. Show your creativity and interior decorating games talent. Craft the kitchen and dining room with all stuff like stove, oven, closet, fridge, cabinets for utensils and arrange the dining table with utensils and sheets. Choose paint and design for walls and floor. Work like a housekeeper and cleaning guy to manage all stuff. Cleanup the dishes, wash the room and serve your cleaning duty. In last customize the bathroom with bath tub, sink, toilet and wardrobes. Start washing and cleaning the snow and icy bathroom like housekeeping or room service. Complete the dollhouse customization with best frozen furniture designs and accessories. Ice Princess Dream Doll House Features - Multiple Cute and amazing queen dolls - Designing and decorating multiple rooms like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. - You can save your ice room decoration game anytime. - Wide range of furniture and house accessories to choose. - Free game which you can play with no internet\offline. - Good quality graphics and interactive game play.


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