Heavy Traffic Racer 3D: Speedy Car Drift 2018
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  •         Racing your fast racing sports car across the busy lanes of traffic, Enjoy driving fast and overtaking without crashing your cars in to busy traffic, rush hour ...

Heavy Traffic Racer 3D: Speedy Car Drift 2018

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Racing your fast racing sports car [详情]

Racing your fast racing sports car across the busy lanes of traffic, Enjoy driving fast and overtaking without crashing your cars in to busy traffic, rush hour traffic is extreme so be careful while driving in that time as cars on roads are much worse, overtake your sport vehicles carefully without hitting others, it is a very thrilling drive once you get on the road just fasten your seat belt and drive your car like a maniac without caring about the speed limit on road. Car Traffic Racer2018 Heavy Highway Rider Sim 2018 is all about driving fast in a real world with speedy cars. Super charged car racing action simulator for car racing lovers to burn the tire rubber and race to become the king of speed on rough roads. Highway traffic is not a easy traffic to overtake so be careful while driving because hit and run is not the option in this game, once you hit someone your mission in this game is failed. Heavy Traffic Car Racer is the best game.This is challeges game for All peoples. Drive most realistic speeding Challenges cars in real drift racing game of many infinity arcade racing. Drive the racing car oothly between Heavy Fast traffic, car update, earn cash, upgrade your tires and buy brand new speed cars. Traffic Car Racer 2018 Milestone in this racing game is to dodge the traffic lanes and speed your way towards highway end, luxurious cars are under you to drive and Racer, just press the speed paddle and drive your speedy vehicle as fast as you can horn your way if traffic is stuck in all lanes, to get more points in this game overtake your speedy car very close from other cars in a way that you don't hit or crash the other but overtake it carefully by slightly touching its body but not denting anything. Conquer street and sky in Turbo Traffic Driving Racing 2018, a mix of high-octane driving and endless racing. Turbo Traffic Driving Racing 2018 is one of the best arcade endless racing games with stunning 3D graphics. Extreme Drift Car Traffic Racer 2018 speed racing game 3D can detect your driving skills. For those who like to Extreme drift racing cars 2018 and simulated driving crazy fans. This is a very addictive game. Through a unique racing track, try to drift your car. Here you can compete with other racers, surpass all the racers, win the championship, become the most outstanding racing driver. nitro trffic speedo game 2018,Driffting car Racer game,Car Racer Tournament ,Racing and Driffting track are include.World king Challenges game.King Championship Traffic race in world. Racing strategy in the world, knock out racing, racing cars 2018, racing car Speed stunts, impossible car stunts, provides you to the countless racing style to an entire new degree with the aid of adding a complete new racing game, race competition, new racing games, best car games, full speed car racing, top speed racing, top speed, speed champions, first gentleman or lady view approach, improved game play and real existence recorded highway car racing in car, city traffic, city vehicles, racing challenge 2018, city traffic driver. The essence of clean arcade racing remains there but within the shell of the following technology. Heavy Car Traffic Racing Game 2018 * 4 attractive environments: Green Land, Desert, City and Highway * City traffic racer with amazing roads and buildings * Highway traffic including bridges and heavy traffic * Green Land with attractive grass fields, heavy mountains and water lakes * Real Desert traffic racing on highway * Traffic including buses, ambulance, cars and trucks * Challenging traffic Cars to race * Exciting drive Car race in city


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