Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure
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  •         Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure is trending styles to dressUp and makeover girls game. Every girl wants to fulfil her desires in unique fashion ...

Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure

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Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashi [详情]

Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure is trending styles to dressUp and makeover girls game. Every girl wants to fulfil her desires in unique fashion attire and wants to available top quality makeups, dresses, jewellery, cosmetics, shoes , bags and other shopping stuff in cheap & discounted prices. This city store shopping mall has discounts and sales on new arrivals. There are flash sales discounts on famous fashion designers for both poor and rich girls. Some fashion models have also arrived to enjoy these flash sales discounts in public shopping malls to promote fashion designers boutiques & taking selfies with photoshoot for designers promotional albums & magazines. Fill your wardrobes with dresses in budget discount sales prices. Shopping is lot of fun with friends. Look around at jewellery, bags, girls evening wear, sports wear, knitwear, scarf, coats, flat shoes, skirts, sandals, shirts, jeans, bridal wears, boots and some casual wears. Do some window shopping and get ideas for mixing and matching accessories. Try to find trendy dresses on sales or at less expensive stores or outlets. Collect some fashion magazines from famous fashion designers outlets & find the things which cater your style and keep an eye open for shopping deals. Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure is super amazing mobile game to fulfil your shopping desires. If you are willing to open a new business of fashion. Get educate yourself that how new brands attract customers with concessions on new products or new arrivals. Sign up for jobs alert as cashier through supermarket store websites & social media pages. Try to be flexible on brands and models. Pick up some items from off-season sales. Retailers will put off-season items on sale to clear the inventory. Shop on holidays to get deals as retailers know people will be off on holidays like memorial day, labor day, president's day, Christmas and new year. That means retailers will be running discount sales deals. Look around for holiday bargains on thanksgiving and black Friday. Be the secret shopper at big shopping mall day out. Best shopping days could be thanksgiving after Christmas clearance sales discounts. Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure Features: * New fashion designers clothes/dresses sales on new arrivals * Enjoy the big discounts on promo codes and voucher coupons on sales days * Design and decorate your personal dress in top famous fashion designer boutique * Try & collects many dresses on big clearance sales deals * Design & decorate your desired jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, shoes and bags * Photoshoot for your favourite brands with your beloved fashion models * Pay the bill after big clearance sales discounts & avail offers * Girls getting ready for day out shopping mall fun in virtual shopping malls game * Be the secret shopper and pay with cash or credit cards in hyper market store * Easy to play & smooth game play with story based shopping mall day out fun This Girls Shopping Mall Fun Day - Fashion Adventure game represents the supermarket managements rules and regulations with customers, products and brands management as well.If you love to go for shopping with friends and family, this is perfect shopping adventure game for you. Enjoy the shopping mall lifestyle and win style competition and models photoshoot for favourite brands. Your photoshoot can be on cover page of your favourite shopping brand. Enjoy the tax-free weekend shopping malls sales offers. Sign up and be aware with your favourite shopping brands offers. Follow all fashion designers new arrivals through social media and contact designers for some big discounts. Manage your budget and plan for family lifestyle shopping. This app is free to play entertainment game for girls.


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