Futuristic Flying car - Flying shooter game
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  •         Save your city by driving this Flying car shooter and take your rivals of modern flying car shooting war out of your city from the crisis of your real flying ca...

Futuristic Flying car - Flying shooter game

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Save your city by driving this Flyi [详情]

Save your city by driving this Flying car shooter and take your rivals of modern flying car shooting war out of your city from the crisis of your real flying car driving experience. Flying car missile shooter with new features and energy makes your experience of adventurous games thrilling, with futuristic flying car shooter of long jumping wheel cars in realistic flying car games for an experience that will portray modern vehicles and modern cars flying car chase more challenging. Enemy flying cars are continuously trying to damage your city so now it’s time of revenge and tell them that you are a great flying car driver having more damaging shooting weapons while driving a flying car simulator. Now go through the air as a fighter of freedom by switching your sports car to futuristic flying car shooter. The fully fun and thrill game will give you a real happiness and a great challenge for driving fast and racing in new flying car experience with these different modern cars, by playing this you will become a great flying car racer and perfect driver of flying car simulator in this modern war world of 2018’s new arcade racing game. Fly this sports car like a real jet pilot and play acrobatics car race missions against the enemies which are flying in this flight simulator to destroy your territory. So, hover over your hover car and remember your target is an enemy flying car and rescue your citizens from dogfight of these modern war enemies targeting your areas bases and saving theirs, which has managed land and air attacks for you. So you need to become air fighter and a jet fighter by your sports car with a rocket launcher, machine guns, laser guns and experience to gain and feel like a real hero in this flying car simulator. Lock your target and flying car of yours with air fighter missions and drone car and flying car drone air fighter sports car have weapons, fire, explosion and guided missiles in it and use them against sky enemies and jet fighters for a challenging and historic survival. No barriers like the rush of traffic trap or islands, rivers can stop you from smooth driving and you can easily transform your game of car into jet plane new flying car shooting game. So gear up your modern car flight mode as you are a legend and your Enemies have a plan to invade and capture your country’s main attractions, enemies launched a massive assault through the airspace with their flying car shooter modern vehicles. You are appointed to protect your Country from the Deadly attacks of terrorists in air fight with futuristic flying car shooting, by driving your flying car like a real jet plane pilot and become a hero of the country. Finish off your Enemies in aerial combat and make your country Proud. Enemies have strongly maintained air attacks and land attacks for you; you have to overcome all this situation. Boost your speed of attack and fire by the nitro boosters. You have to utilize your jet flying skills while attacking your Enemies in Car Racing Simulation games and flying car aerospace games. Futuristic Flying Car Shooting 2018 Features: Modern Flying Car Shooting Game -Thrilling Gameplay with Action Racing -Defend your territory Load your weapons, -Attack Enemy basis -Easy to play controls -High definition sounds and graphics -So, download and experience this thrilling futuristic flying car shooting with ultimate action game fun.


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