Euro Truck Driver 2019 Euro Truck Game
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  •         Euro Truck Driver 2019 - Euro Truck Free Game is a grand truck simulator which is new top trending truck racing game. This truck sim offer you a truck drifting,...

Euro Truck Driver 2019  Euro Truck  Game

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Euro Truck Driver 2019 - Euro Truck [详情]

Euro Truck Driver 2019 - Euro Truck Free Game is a grand truck simulator which is new top trending truck racing game. This truck sim offer you a truck drifting, truck driving opportunity,and two modes - manual and auto. You are going to grab the drag racing and truck driving experience with your speedy racing truck. This city racing game is top truck racing and car driving chance for extreme racing rivals. Traffic racer challenge is basically a contest of racer trucker in truck tunnels. Different types of trucks are available to choose, such as 4x4 racing truck, euro cargo truck and heavy trucks. This fast racing game is a driving test of your rush traffic racing skills. This city traffic racing test sharpen your real truck racing and drifting skills. Make sure your racing skills can face all the deadly challenges on the asphalt truck road .This truck simulator 2019 includes multilevel modes such as traffic racing, velocity racing and digger racing. Besides, the grand truck simulator support for multiple languages. Every multilevel mode has its own deadly missions. Enjoy the heavy truck racing game in Indian highways traffic. Experienced the world's most eye catching and satisfying traffic racing adventure. Euro Truck Driver 2019 - Euro Truck Free Game is for those who love fast war truck racing and drift racing in deadly asphalt roads. In this super fame and fortune battle trucks racing mania lot of army trucks or military trucks are ready for you. Show your offroad drifting experience along with your mountain mad max racing skills. Face the hill climb challenges with different racing cars, pk truck and cargo trucks. Gain points from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your cowboy racing truck and reach even higher distances without hitting the luxury vr cars. Discover beautiful natural scenery of hilly areas while traveling on offroad tracks, green hills, natural waterfalls would make your driving experience amazing and soothing. And you will like to drive for hours for enjoying the attractive scenery. Suspension shocks, hydraulic brakes, comfortable inner environment, loud truck horn, and smooth controls will make this euro truck game more interesting and challenge for driving on the deadly heavy tracks. Smooth and real physics-based controls will make your offroad truck driving more realistic and smooth. Power steering will help you to take sharp turns easily and smoothly on the offroad edges. So fasten your seat belt and get into your truck sim and become best euro truck driver of all truck simulation games 2019. There are a variety of trucks available on the store. You have to play more and more to earn maximum in-game cash currency for buying the different luxurious trucks with different specifications. The more expensive truck, the more power it would have for driving on the variety of tracks of offroad and different highways. Remember to inquire the deadline. When it rains, don’t release your clutch even though the ground is erosive by the rain. You can turn on the wipers to transmission the road condition to you again. You can drive the offroad truck with steering and with tilt controls as well. Press acceleration button for boosting up your speed. Don’t overload. You will be the king of the roads. The features of Euro Truck Driver 2019 - Euro Truck Free Game included - 13 trucks, and 20 different cargo to transport. - 133 missions and jobs to play! (and this number will increase with our updates!). - U.S.A map including all the major cities. - Very realistic vehicle physics. - Artificial Intelligence for the cars on the roads. - Detailed road signs, real speed limits. - A GPS system to guide you and to warn about speed limits and traffic. - Cameras inside and outside the cockpit.


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