Educational Games. Collection
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  •         This app that consists of 28 educational games developed to reinforce skills of visual and spatial perception, aimed at kids of all ages. Each of these games w...

Educational Games. Collection

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This app that consists of 28 educat [详情]

This app that consists of 28 educational games developed to reinforce skills of visual and spatial perception, aimed at kids of all ages. Each of these games will help your child to process information and implement visual skills, memory and concentration, through fun eye exercises, accompanied by our raccoon pet and its animal friends, which will compliment and encourage kids every time they solve the game. VISUAL ACUITY EDUCATIONAL GAMES This visual stimulation at an early age acts as a reinforcement to help their cognitive development and prevent possible attention and concentration problems. Babies and children will learn to: - Identify shapes and colors. - Process spatial relation: orientation, size and position. - Associate silhouettes and elements. - Improve visual acuity searching objects. - Develop manual dexterity and motor skills. - Detect and classify intruders within a list of elements. - Differentiate figures and backgrounds. - Enhance their attention span and concentration. - Boost observation skills and difference perception. MEMORY EDUCATIONAL GAMES During early childhood, kids show a significant development of their memory. This app helps them exercise their mind and improve their ability to concentrate and focus . With these memory games your kids will learn to: - Develop recognition and memory skills. - Remember and detect different objects in an image. - Identify the clear relationship between objects and professions. - Associate the different elements in the rooms of a house. - Retain a visual image in short-term memory. - Stimulate and enhance the capacity for observation and attention. - Differentiate the musical sounds and associate them with different instruments. - Exercise memory with exercises of repetition and gradual difficulty. Edujoy's educational games are carefully designed with a simple intece in order to make children have fun while learning with animals and kid-friendly characters. DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELS Our goal is that, whatever the intellectual capacity of the child may be, they can sharpen their visual acuity gradually. To do that, the game offers three difficulty levels (easy, medium and difficult), adapted to different ages and stages of development. Easy: Ideal for beginners, especially for babies and kids at an early age. Medium: Perfect for those children who are already familiar with the game. Difficult: Suitable for kids who have managed to solve each game quickly and don’t need supervision of parents or teachers to solve them. EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES This app is part of an educational games collection created by Edujoy in order to help kids to develop new intellectual and motor skills from elements of their environment. All our games are created by professional educators and psychologists in order to provide pedagogical content, necessary for the intellectual development of babies and children. We love creating educational and fun games for you. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send us your feedback or leave your comments.


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