Dino Hunter- Jurassic Shooting
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  •         Enjoy the Super Dinos- Jurassic Shooting game for ultimate shooting and super dinosaur hunting. Hunt down different dinosaurs with real T-rex hunter in dino hun...

Dino Hunter- Jurassic Shooting

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Enjoy the Super Dinos- Jurassic Sho [详情]

Enjoy the Super Dinos- Jurassic Shooting game for ultimate shooting and super dinosaur hunting. Hunt down different dinosaurs with real T-rex hunter in dino hunting games. Become a real dino hunter in the super green jungle forest and hunt scary deadly dinosaurs. Angry dinosaurs are living in the wild forest, chasing and eating all the living things even humans. And the super Dinos are hunting all the animals including elephants, deer, bears, lions, wolves, zebras, and rhinos. Play different dinosaur games like super shooting, dino-hunting, and wildlife wandering in the green jungle forest. This game has realistic dinosaurs with superpowers and powerful strengths. Enjoy the epic dinosaurs’ hunting by starting end shooting. Take your shooting time to aim the targets rightly with super advanced weapons. The ultimate guns have super zooming capacity with a vast contact lens for maximum view. Play the dinosaur hunting games with the ultimate shooting guns and latest technology weapons. % % % Super Dinos- Jurassic Shooting Animals % % % o Huge Monstrous Dinosaurs o Giant Elephants o Innocent Deer o Roaring Lions o Mighty Tigers o Super White Bears o Hunter Wolves o Black & White Zebras o Grey Skin Rhinos You are a dynamic shooting hunter who has to play this survival game for living in the erous dino era. You are a safari dino hunter who has to shoot at different dinosaurs and other animals for your necessary survival. Use different dinosaur hunter guns for an endless dino shooting. You are an ultimate sniper shooter who has to play dinosaur hunter games. Complete the dino world quest for getting the special rewards and glorious treasures. There is also a water lake in the green jungle forest where all the animals come to drink water. The t-Rex dinosaurs also come to the blue water lake. You have to shoot them there with your latest assault rifle. There are many Palm trees in the beautiful jungle. Hide behind the trees and hunt the big Dinos from there. Also, hunt beautiful deer with your advanced weapons. There is beautiful green grass in the wild forest and dinosaurs are ashing everything in their path. Use different dino hunting weapons for different dinosaurs. Use the big guns for big giant Dinos like Trex dinosaur and wild Dinos. Download this action-simulation game now for having the ultimate hunter experience in this dinosaur shooting game. Escape chase deadly dino attacks with epic sniper hunter skills and super strengths. Become a solid shooter by playing this fps dino shooting game. This endless sniper shooting game has unique shooter challenge series for super snipers for ultimate hunting of super Dinos.


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