Classic Train Simulator: Britain
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  •         ☆☆☆☆☆ Please rate and review the game. ☆☆☆☆☆ Classic Train Sim is the first of its kind high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games exclusively dedic...

Classic Train Simulator: Britain

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☆☆☆☆☆ Please rate and review the ga [详情]

☆☆☆☆☆ Please rate and review the game. ☆☆☆☆☆ Classic Train Sim is the first of its kind high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games exclusively dedicated to the golden steam engine era. It features some of the most iconic British and American steam locomotives. Its intuitive, easy to use intece lets users play Career Mode to accomplish varied scenarios and unlock new trains and routes. Classic Train Sim is the first mobile train simulator to feature authentic trains from British train operators. The locomotives have been accurately recreated with maximum attention to detail. ☆ Original Steam engines ☆ Features stations from Britain and trains including the world famous Flying Scotan. ☆ Authentic British Stations ☆ London's King's Cross, Peterborough, Doncaster, York and Huntingdon ☆ Permit System ☆ Access to every feature, train and location in the game is through a dedicated Permit System. Purchase newer permits using the in-game Credits and Gems. ☆ Career Mode ☆ Dedicated career mode with Objectives that are required to be completed for maximum reward. Career accomplishments are featured on a leaderboard. ☆ Functional Driver Cabin ☆ A detailed Driver Cab Control view shows fully functional levers and switches. The needles and gauges work depending on the condition of the train. ☆ Weather System ☆ Hyper-realistic dynamic weather system with incredible night detail and shadow. ☆ Payloads ☆ Exclusive payload for various freight compartments. Coal Wagon, Cattle Wagon Etc ☆ Schedule Board ☆ Schedule for arrival and departure lets users follow a time table like real world. ☆ Camera Angles ☆ Many camera angles shows the game from every view imaginable. ☆ Passenger Area ☆ Passenger seating area with first class, second class, executive cabin. Also view of restaurant, bar and restroom will be added soon. ☆ Train Controls ☆ Throttle, braking, cab light and headlights, whistle are available to the driver and are required to be operated for certain objectives in Career Mode. ☆ Door Operation ☆ Door control system to let the passengers into the train. ☆ Drive Mode ☆ A quick mode that lets you choose the train, route, source and destination stations, weather and the time of the day for the simulation. ☆ Multi Language Translations ☆ - The Game already support English, French, Indonesian and German. More languages like Italian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese will be added in the future. ☆ Signal System and AI trains☆ The Signals system are accurate and keep a large number of AI trains in control without any traffic. Follows the British world-war era semaphore signalling. ☆ Contacts Permission is required by Google Play Games and is not necessary for playing the game. Feel free to refuse that permission if you do not want Google Play Games leaderboard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☆ Hope you enjoy playing Classic Train Sim. Future updates will add more train operators from America and routes as well. More updates are coming soon. So what are you waiting for? Become a Train Driver today and drive Steam Locomotives all across Britain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook:


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